Low Down Labs

lowdownlabsHoriz-01 WhiteLow Down Labs is an experimental side project. Ran purely as a hobby, not for profit, Cruise Curtis, Alex Wolfe and myself, Sean Davis, gathered our desires to work out our photography muscles via the automotive scene. People ask, “What is Low Down Labs?” and we aren’t even sure. But imagine combining the idea of car magazines showcasing hot rides with photography and cinematography to create something that is not just informative, but also an art form.
Featuring a customized Mazda Miata, Kevin’s Miata shows us how the backyard mechanic can put together a unique ride without breaking the bank.


Video: Sean Davis

Editing: Sean Davis

Here’s a video featuring Alberto “Beaver” Castorena’s Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII. This car is extremely raw, but don’t let that fool you, it’s still fast. Definitely one of the most memorable car shoots I’ve been on.


Video: Sean Davis & Alex Wolfe

Editing: Sean Davis

This lifestyle video is an great example of the style of video we go for. Joe O’Shaughnessy’s Nissan pick up is a sight to be seen, not only for it’s looks but for it’s love the owner has for it.


Video: Sean Davis, Alex Wolfe & Cruise Curtis

Editing: Sean Davis

Low Down Labs has also allowed room for some graphic design experimentation. Below are some prints that are a part of a series that is in the works.

Screenprint6 Screenprint5 Screenprint4 Screenprint3 Screenprint2 Screenprint

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