I’m an experienced User Experience Designer who has worked on supporting and redesigning apps and websites for several companies, both large and small. I have an understanding of the UX process from research, user and stakeholder interviews, interface design, and validation testing. I’m skilled in Sketch, InVision and Zeplin, with background in the Adobe Creative Suite, and experience in many other design tools as well. My experience in HTML, CSS and PHP, as well as working closely with web and mobile developers has helped me empathize with what information developers need when implementing a design and create efficient designs that are able to be implemented with reduced effort. I’m a strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design from University of Nebraska at Omaha. My background and hobbies includes a little bit of everything design related. This includes graphic design, motion graphics, print design, furniture design, interior design, landscape design, photography and videography.


Years of Design Experience

Years of UX Experience

Apps & Websites Designed

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  • User Experience Research
  • User Interface Design
  • Prototyping
  • Mobile App Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Accessibility Design
  • Project Estimation
  • Design/Developer Handoff
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • HTML / CSS / PHP Development
  • Sales support


  • Sketch
  • InVision
  • Zeplin
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop

The tools above are the ones I’m proficient in and use on a regular basis. I often spend time trying other tools to ensure the ones I and my team use are the best fit for our needs those tools include, but are not limited to, InVision Inspect, InVision Studio, Adobe XD, Origami, Pixate, Principal, Figma, and more. 

Education & Certificates


Bachelor of Arts – Studio Art

2014 University of Nebaska Omaha

Concentration: Graphic Design
Minor: Art History


Certificate – Accessibility for Web Design

2019 LinkedIn


Certificate – UX Foundations: Accessibility

2019 LinkedIn


Next-Level Leadership Training

2020 Leaders Inspired

Designer Employment


Client Resources, Inc.

2015-Present / Lead User Experience Designer

I worked both independently and collaboratively with a small team of designers, often leading the design project from beginning to end. Projects include websites and apps for several different clients, ranging from small start ups to multi-billion dollar companies. The websites and apps I designed were often our clients primary form of engagement with their customers. I worked on all aspects of the design process, begining with stakeholder interviews and user research, working through iterations of interface design and validation testing, through development handoff, and final review before being released to our clients. Many projects lead to on going partnerships which resulted in regular research, backlog grooming sessions and analysis of user feedback to determine further improvements and enhancements to the user experience.


Sole Proprietor

2010-Present / Designer / Editor / Assistant

Since 2010, I’ve operated my own freelance business. I’ve dabbled in many areas, including graphic design, motion graphics, web design, production assistant, photography and videography. My primary focus has been web design and development for individuals and small businesses. From 2013-2015, this was my full time job, up until I was sought out and offered a User Experience Designer position at Client Resources, Inc. Since being hired, I’ve continued to keep a small, select number of clients that I work for in my off hours.


West Hills Church

2009-2013 / Administrative Assistant / Designer

Primarily an administrative position, I worked designing the website and print materials for the West Hill Church Youth department. I completely redesigned and supported the youth website, managed social media engagement, and would design and print weekly and season materials for mailing and handing out during services and youth group events.

UX Experience



Through my time at Client Resources, Inc. I’ve helped develop and carry out a user experience process, in collaboration with other designers on the UX design team. I’ve also played a significant roll in choosing the tools we use and how we present and hand off deliverable to our clients and our own development team.


User Research

I prefer to conduct user research for every project I’m involved with. This research includes processing reviews, analytics, and other use data, facilitating and conducting user surveys, interviews, and focus groups as well as stakeholder surveys, interviews and focus groups. This research helps me create personas, journey maps, story maps, and create empathy for the users I am designing for.


User Interface Design

I currently am the primary interface designer, focusing my efforts on producing high fidelity mockups and and design guidelines. This process involves a combination of stakeholder input and user validation testing. The creation of these is critical in getting sign off on designs and communicating to developers what is expected.


Validation Testing

My primary experience in validation testing involves creating a high fidelity, interactive prototype that can be shared with users. Once a prototype is created, I work with users, in the form of one-on-one or focus group style testing, where each participant is walked through a set of real life scenarios and is asked to give feedback. This is one of the most important parts of the user experience design process as it ensures the product being designed meets the needs of the end user, while still meeting business goals.



I have routinely been involved with the sales process in the form of gathering information to help produce accurate estimates when assembling a proposal. Many times this involves meeting with the stakeholders, gathering information, and sometime providing customized mockups, demonstrating our design capabilities.

Apps & Websites

Mobile Apps


Total Clients


  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Health Care
  • EMS
  • Education/Certification
  • Information Technology
  • Communications
  • Employee Relocation

All Clients


Client Resources, Inc.

Due to the nature of this work, companies must remain unnamed on this website.

  • 3 apps for 3 multi-billion dollar banks
  • 5 websites for 3 multi-billion dollar banks
  • 1 app for helicopter medical transportation company
  • 1 white labeled website for communications company
  • 1 internal insurance policy management website for health insurance company
  • 1 white labeled app for school sports fans
  • Customer facing website, phone and tablet app for multi-billion dollar managed IT solutions company
  • 1 internal hardware management tool for multi-billion dollar insurance company
  • 1 corporate client facing portal redesign for international employee relocation company
  • 1 feature addition to existing customer facing portal for international employee relocation company
  • 1 website experience assessment for national athletic trainer certification organization
  • 1 agent facing app medical record management company


Sole Proprietor


Website Design & Development / Graphic Design

  • Air Cooled Express
  • Omaha VW Club
  • Select Model Management



Website Design & Development
  • Bemis Press Design Shop
    • Borrow For Your Bump
    • Crystal Rhoades
    • Facial Surgery Institue
    • The Orthodontic Group
  • Colin Conces Photography
    • Canopy Gardens
  • Low Down Labs
  • Maker Graphic and Visual
    • Ben Boss Carpet
    • Gerard Pefung
    • Jeweler Hub
  • Omaha Prima Arena skating
  • Therman Statom


Graphic Design
  • Air Cooled Express
  • Bemis Press Design Shop
    • Borrow For Your Bump
    • Crystal Rhoades
  • Colin Conces Photography
  • Creighton University
  • EG Integrated
    • Lindsay Corportation
  • Low Down Labs
  • Maker Graphic and Visual
    • Jeweler Hub
    • Nonprofit Association of the Midlands
    • Noshsense Bars
    • Omaha Public Schools
    • Sayer Martin
    • Sun Valley Landscaping
  • Omaha Prima Arena Skating
  • Omaha VW Club
  • S Line Motorsports
  • Therman Statom


Motion Graphics
  • EG Integrated
    • Lindsay Corportation
  • Maker Graphic and Visual
    • ConAgra
    • Vitru
    • Webster
  • Perplext
  • Uphill Downhill
    • Action Backed
    • Carlson & Burnett
    • Nonprofit Association of the Midlands


Photography & Video
  • Colin Conces Photography
    • 75 North
    • Creighton University
    • Eye Care Specialties
    • Latitude
    • Jun Kaneko
    • Marcus Theaters
    • Midtown Crossing
    • Sun Valley Landscaping
  • Complete Music
  • EG Integrated
    • Lindsay Corporation
  • Home & Closet
  • Low Down Labs
  • Therman Statom
  • Uphill Downhill
    • MTRL Design


Production Assistant
  • 2 Days – TV Show – HBO
  • Creighton University – TV Commercial – Colin Conces Photography
  • It Snows All The Time – Movie – Salt of the Earth
  • Latitiude – Still Photography – Colin Conces Photography
  • Mannheim Steamroller – TV Special – Southpaw Productions
  • Marcus Theaters – Still Photography – Colin Conces Photography
  • Midtown Crossing – Still Photography – Colin Conces Photography
  • OPPD – TV Commercial – Great Plains Motions Picture Co.
  • Physicians Mutual – TV Commercial – Great Plaints Motion Picture Co.
  • Sun Valley Landscaping – Still Photography – Colin Conces Photography